The idea of seeing Mazzy Star and The Entrance band at The Wiltern illuminated me with teenage angst. Blaring Entrance's "You're So Fine" and "Grim Reaper Blues," from the band's self-titled first record The Entrance Band (Ecstatic Peace), clad in beanie and army jacket as an homage to Mazzy Star, I was reliving some sort of "Reality Bites" moment. I pull into a $15 parking garage and realize I only have $8. The attendant is not sympathetic and sends me away to find an ATM. My "Reality Bites" moment becomes apparent when I realize I have missed The Entrance Band and it puts a damper on my night as I bitterly plough into the crowded theater in time to watch none other than Mazzy "She Hangs Brightly" Star. Mazzy has not aged a day and her vocals are still those echoed coos of an elven creature hidden in the mountains of Iceland, trapped in some cave, crooning to shadows only the scarcity of light can create. Her voice echoes with such precision and clarity, it's baffling to comprehend