Collin Desha is the man behind the band Low Hum and this pulsing—or smoldering? Or even throbbing?—LCD Soundsystem-style disco-punk song called "Loss of Sophistication," which pairs a slash-and-burn attitude with a relentless synthesizer riff and an unexpectedly atmospheric ending. Says Desha: "'Loss of Sophistication' is a song that deals with the way I see capitalism eating itself alive. We are all sort of sucked into it unconsciously. I see it everywhere living in this city, and how chasing this unattainable happiness slowly eats away at us day by day. This song is a reminder that there's more to life and that when people come together there IS a light at the end of the tunnel." Low Hum's self-titled EP will be out Fri., Feb. 23, on Chain Letter Collective, also home of L.A. RECORD alums dimber, and you can pre-order here—and Low Hum will also be playing the Moroccan on Feb. 28. with TEST, Altar Egos and a DJ set by James Supercave.