photography by jeff fribourg Moaning might look familiar to you. Over the past ten years, musicians Sean Solomon, Pascal Stevenson, and Andrew MacKelvie have been active members of the local music and arts community built around DIY venues like the Smell and Pehrspace. Playing in such illustrious local bands as Moses Campbell, Heller Keller, and Shit Giver, the three eventually (re)combined their years of experience in the Los Angeles scene by forming the post-punk project Moaning. Demonstrating yet again that great art can indeed rise from the underground, Moaning's self-titled debut was released last week on the legendary Sub Pop Records. Portions of this interview originally aired on KXLU. Moaning's record release show is Fri., Mar. 9, at the Echo with Froth and Numb.Er. This interview by Bennett Kogon. You guys have known each other for a long time. Sean Solomon: I think maybe twelve years? Pascal Stevenson: We met in high school. Sean Solomon: Taft High School in the Valley. Ice