charles mallison One of the most colorful souls to visit planet Earth, former altar boy Joey Arias is the harbinger of the Z chromosome! Since her first performances singing choir at Latin Mass, Joey Arias has toured with Madonna, performed with David Bowie, and commanded the stage of Carnegie Hall. Taking a break from a blazing run of "Arias With a Twist"—Arias' collaboration with third-generation master puppeteer Basil Twist—Arias describes bathtub revelations, recalls being born, and advises the young & queer. This interview by Drew Denny. Joey Arias: Go for it, baby—I'm all yours! I am very excited right now. Joey Arias: Oh my wordness! What's the Z Chromosome? Joey Arias: The Z Chromosome is the new chromosome! In the 21st century we're talking about, the gays are out of the closet, the blacks have their rights, everybody's equal but there are the transgendered—the women becoming men, the men becoming women. People always look at me on stage and say it's drag, but not really.