tricia rosensohn Download: Farmer Dave Scher "Bablone Nights" (from Flash Forward To The Good Times out now on Kemado) Farmer Dave Scher is almost the Chris Darrow of his day—he's got the cosmic aplomb and the cheerful versatility to put him in collaborations with Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis, Nobody and the Mystic Chords of Memory, dios, Miranda Lee Richards and more. He now lives in Venice, where he listens to KXLU—where he famously used to DJ—and where he is basking in the happy after-effects of his new solo album Flash Forward To The Good Times. This interview by Thomas McMahon. Did you consider having the album be just 'Farmer Dave,' or did you need to have your last name on there to distinguish from other Farmer Daves? Farmer Dave Scher: It just landed. It's weird if you have a nickname—like the 'Farmer' nickname has been around since I was up at KXLU. I think that the last name sort of landed in the present a little more. Sort of like tethered the balloon somewhat. Do you