illustration by nathan morse At The Drive-In slashed a hole in rock 'n' roll when they came out in the 90s, and for a few too-short years, they were as hot as it got—but in 2001, they split, exhausted in every sense of the word. But now they're back, and not just back to perform, as they've done before. Now they have a new album of new music, and it's as fiery as anything they've done. Their brand-new full-length in * ter a * li * a is out now and they perform on Sat., May 13, at the Shrine Expo Hall, and you can win tickets here! This interview by DJ Nobody a.k.a. Elvin Estela. I always wanted to know if it was an urban myth or if it was true … does the name At the Drive In come from the Poison song 'Talk Dirty to Me'? Tony Hajjar (drums): I think it's true! Yeah! I mean … it's super ironic but yeah, pretty positive it's true! I've been asked that question once before but it was literally like 1998 that someone asked it, so I'm glad that someone is asking it again! Congratulations on