Richard Hell was the co-founder of Television, the original bassist in the Heartbreakers with Johnny Thunder, founder of the Voidoids—who introduced the world to singular guitarists Bob Quine and Ivan Julian—and of course one of the most recognizable faces (and bare graffiti-ed torsos) in New York City punk. But he was a writer before that and became a writer after that, as well, and his recent autobiography I Dreamt I Was A Very Clean Tramp is a deliberate and unsparing outsider coming-of-age story that fits nicely between Ed Sanders' Tales of Beatnik Glory and Bob Dylan's Chronicles Vol. 1. He'll be reading a brand new work—inspired in part by the brutal noir of Jim Thompson—this Saturday at the Broad, with original musical accompaniment by the extremely appropriate Haxan Cloak. He speaks to L.A. RECORD now about writing, thinking, making mistakes and the time Mike Watt was too freaked out to say 'hello' to Richard Hell. This interview by Chris Ziegler. The idea of the 'private eye'