DEAD MEADOW The Nothing They Need Xemu Dead Meadow are not one of those bands who put out endless amounts of albums filled with nonsense and filler, so when a new record comes out, you need to listen. On their new The Nothing They Need, every song is worthwhile, a confident part of a complete album shaped and refined to perfection. This new collection of mournful—even somber—songs is still bluesy and rhythmic, but also suggests a masterful kind of efficient simplicity. They're introspective as always, but there's enough room between sounds to allow for an explosion of expression, musically and melodically. The Nothing They Need well uses its negative space, and lyrics like "I have a dream of people left alone" hit hard and heavy and linger thanks to the undeniable weight of lived experience. Dead Meadow have proven themselves to be truly one of the greater bands to flirt with—or carry on—the shoegaze and stoner rock traditions. The Nothing They Need is a wonderful collection of songs