LOW HUM self-titled EP Chain Letter Collective Low Hum's electro-punk disco dance-party soundtrack is the stuff pop songwriters dream about, but with just enough anger and desperation to set itself apart from upbeat LCD Soundsystem wanna-bes. This is an outfit—the project of L.A.'s Collin Desha—that truly understands the concept of balance. Low Hum comes across as an almost pop act, but displays its rock 'n' roll roots clearly. Punchy lyrics about "wasted words that melt my face" provide welcome bite, and strategic use of repetition strengthens the concepts inside the music—like underscoring the urgency in the battle between "an emptiness that I can't hide" and the idea that "I know / I know / I know we'll be together someday." Low Hum's pulsating and pumping rhythm makes a firm backbone for fuzzed-out overtones and oddly delicate (and sometimes gorgeous) melodies that echo in your memory afterwords. It's emotive but accessible, and a welcome breath of fresh-feeling pop at a time when