Levitation Room Ethos Burger Records When one is woozy, you look for an anchor in the sand or a leg to stand on. And when you're trying to solve a puzzle, you look for patterns. Hieroglyphics emerging from the deep sea felt like a series of faint blips on the sonar. Such is this writer's experience with Highland Park outfit Levitation Room's full length debut out on Burger Records. The record wobbles from surf instrumental interludes to acid test blowouts to shoegaze-y pop gems. When the band digs its Chelsea boots deep into the soft loam of influences like Brian Jonestown Massacre on swirling, mercury-heavy tracks like "Cosmic Flower" and "Loved," they enact a ritual that appeals to every garage rock lovin' dude out there but ultimately feels hollow. VU-style leads and rhythmic but meaningless lyrics snarled from an upturned lip sound satisfying on first pass, but like a bag of Halloween candy, merely leave the listener with a stomach ache of covetous regret. But by the time side two