Sfarzo Electric String Review | KrisPicks
My buddies over at were talking about different string gauges and one of the guys brought up that I turned him onto Sfarzo strings a few months back and that he really likes them. The guys suggested I do a blog post on Sfarzo strings, so here we go… I found out about Sfarzo strings through from one of their weekly emails that I receive. Sfarzo's Alloy5109 strings caught my eye, and I decided to purchase several different sets of Sfarzo strings to see how they stack up against other strings I have used over the years. To be specific I was looking for electric guitar strings that would perform similarly to Ernie Ball Cobalts, but at a lower price point. I must say the Sfarzo Alloy5109 strings filled that niche for my guitar playing needs. I use the Alloy5109 strings exclusively on my Godin LG Signature guitar. Here is a list of Sfarzo's main line of electric guitar strings. • Signature Pro • SFT Screamers • Alloy5109 • Nickelanium I have tried all of