Electric Guitar – Ultex® Jazz III | KrisPicks
Let's start off with the guitar pick I use the most recently when playing electric guitar, the Jim Dunlop Ultex® Jazz III. Pick Specs: Gauge: 1.38 mm Material: Ultex® Shape: Jazz III Tip: Pointy Price: About 75¢ a piece (I bought a bag of 24 for about $8.00) What is Ultex®? Ultex® is Jim Dunlop's brand name for Ultem™ resin. What is Ultem™? It is amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) resin. Ultem™ is used in the Aerospace industry, Healthcare, guitar picks plus other things. It has good strength and stiffness, and outstanding dimensional stability (Ultem™ is tough stuff). Ultem™ is available in several transparent and opaque colors. If you want to learn more you can view the full lowdown on Ultem™ here. I have several Altoids tins full of various guitar picks I have purchased on my quest for the holy grail of guitar picks. I can honestly say every pick material I have tried has given me a different sound from my guitar. This is where it really pays to use the right pick for