DIY Handmade Embedded Artwork Guitar Picks! | KrisPicks
I made these guitar picks myself. They are one of a kind, handmade guitar picks. The artwork is inside the pick, which means the artwork won't scratch or wear off. I found the information on how to make these picks from the Pick Punch web site. The How To Make Guitar Picks page specifically. I purchased a couple of sheets of clear polycarbonate sheeting from One sheet is .50 mm in thickness and the other is .80 mm thick. I didn't use a pick punch to make these, though. I traced the pick shape on the polycarbonate sheets with a fine tip Sharpie marker and cut them out with a scissors (I tried an Exacto knife, but the scissors worked much better). After the rough picks are cut out the artwork is applied next. The artwork in the two finished picks above were created with Sharpie markers. The artwork in the two picks below were painted with enamel model airplane paint purchased from a local hobby store. The artwork is literally inside the pick. The artwork will not rub