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Kris Kristofferson news from 2015 A very busy year. Listed here for your convenience. Kris Celebrates John Lennon’s 75th birthday December 2015. Kris Krisofferson celebrates the life of John Lennon at Madison Square Garden. Article explores other links between Kris & the Beatles On Tour with John prine Tour dates Kristofferson joined by Rita Coolidge October 2015 Kristofferson joined by Rita Collidge after his 30 October show in San Diego – Follows a tragic loss a year ago… Kristofferson remembers Gene Kilroy October 2015. Kristofferson gave a shout out to Gene Kilroy during his appearance with John Prine at The Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort. Exploring the relationship between Gene Kilroy, Kris Kristofferson & Muhammad Ali. Kristofferson duet with Lily Meola Kris Kristofferson duet with Lily Meola will feature on the young singer/songwriter’s debut album, according to Rolling Stone. Kris Kristofferson played Tootsies 55 years ago Of Kris Kristofferson, Janis Joplin & Tootsies Cedar Creek Sessions rumour, Q&A & a video Hint of a new record. On 26 June 2014 Cedar Creek Recording posted a shareable group photograph to their Facebook page that shows Kris Kristofferson outside their studio…. Kris & Lisa watch Raul Malo sing For the Good Times Great video, shared in a tweet by Skyline in March 2016, posted on their channel in April 2015. Includes a stunning video of a performance likely recorded on 7 April 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. A Christian Opinion Article references Sunday Morning Coming Down Titled, “Something you lost along the way”, this article explores why children who grow up in Christian homes stray from their faith, and an incident where he was in the company of drinkers who broke out into song, choosing the hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” as their sing-a-long tune. Link to featured image is Public Domain ©, unless otherwise stated