Koryu Minatoya IN-TUNE
2014年に浅草木馬亭で撮影された、浪曲家、港家小柳(みなとや・こりゅう)の芸歴70年にして初となる独演会。演目は十八番の『太刀山と清香の友情』。編集をしながら何度も監督を唸らせた、名人というものの領域、その凄まじい集中力。曲師の沢村豊子との掛け合いは、さながら序破急のジェットコースター。大成功、大当たりの一番◎となっている。 Filmed in 2014 at the Mokubatei Arts and Culture Center, this is a long-awaited solo performance by Koryu Minatoya, now in her 88th year and one of Japan's beloved Rokyoku (Naniwabushi) singers. Titled "The Friendship of Tachiyama and Kiyoka", this performance shows the intense concentration and power of a master at work. In particular, the dramatic structure of the performance is highlighted by the dynamic exchange between Minatoya and the shamisen, which is performed by Toyoko Sawamura.