Working on a Knitting Kit - knittyBlog
I am still happy with the Everyday Spin Kit I put together two years ago, with all of my spinning essentials, plus a few things that I might need. I’ve decided that as a spinning knitter I’m now in need of an updated knitting kit. I don’t want it to be as big as my spin kit, but I want more than will fit in my old (and broken down) 4″x4″ notions bag. I started with the bag. I’ve been looking for a use for this Jane Austen bag from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild since I got it. She now has a purpose. It’s a ziptop bag, 5″x9″, with a 2″ gusset at the bottom, so it will stand. Happily my life now has more Jane ‘I esteem him’ Austen. I moved everything from my smaller knit kit, into this bag and added a few things that usually roam the bottom of my project bags. Here’s what I have right now. I do notice how tired some of my tools are, I need to freshen up a few things. I have: dental floss stitch markers sticky notes pen needle gauges scissors/snips tags Clover clips measuring tape crochet hook WPI gauge Right after I took that photos I noticed , my Akerworks Swatch Gauge was missing. It was in the company of a project that’s in timeout due to gauge issues. There are a few things I know I want to add, a twist angle gauge, a small notebook, a smaller crochet hook, and non-greasy hand lotion. Before you ask, I use the dental floss for emergency stitch markers, to tie dropped stitches to fix later, as a lace lifeline, and to tie skeins that I don’t want to wind. What am I missing? What tools do you have in your knitting kit that you use all of the time?