WWW: computing & recording with textiles; steel wool; knit comfortably - knittyBlog
The link between weaving and computing is well established. What if there was an embroidered computer? This is a working 8-bit universal electromechanical computer embroidered in gold! Can you use yarn (containing steel fibers) to record and playback sounds? Yes! Are you curious where your steel wool comes from? 😉 For the curious, steel wool is generally made of low-grade carbon steel wire, aluminum, bronze or stainless steel. If you’re looking to exercise more this year, please don’t forget to Knit Comfortably. Reviewed in Knitty, Deep Fall 2017 by AS. Knitty is for everyone. Are you interested in getting your pattern or tutorial published in Knitty? Please check out the recently revised Submissions Guidelines.