3 Tips to Help Hit Your Spinning Goals - knittyBlog
Happy New Year! The year is fresh and sassy and I want to do new things, all of the new things! Setting goals, intentions, habits is the easy part for me, it’s the sticking to them that’s tough. Here are three things I’ve found that help me stick to my spinning (or otherwise) goals. The right motivation. This is a big one for me, that took a while to learn. I used to try to motivate myself with other people and what they were spinning or excited about. ‘Everyone’ is spinning Down breeds or spinning to weave or spinning freshly combed top. I don’t want to feel left out, so I jump on board without deciding if I’m really enthusiastic or even interested in it. That dooms me to failure. Now I pick things that I’m enthusiastic and curious about. Right now I’m working on consistency on a spindle. The right time. I pick a time or a trigger to spin. For me, it’s right after I eat lunch. That’s my worst time to get any computer or writing work done during the day, so now I spin for 10-30 (or more) minutes after I eat. I still spin at other times, but this is my daily spinning time. The right setup. I will not spin regularly if I have to set up and take down my spinning area everyday. Or if I have to hunt for what I want to spin. I try to set up my week’s worth of spinning over the weekend and leave it set up. These three tips are not just for spinning. I used the same thinking to get myself walking almost every day last year. I changed my motivation from ‘losing weight’ to having my stiff hips feel better, especially at night. My trigger is taking my son to school. His school is more than halfway between my house and the Planet Fitness where I walk on the treadmill. My setup is putting my gym clothes in the bathroom before I go to bed. I change into them when I get up in morning before making breakfasts and lunches. I wish you a happy spinning year full of things you are enthusiastic about! Let me know if you try these things and if they help your spinning