Private Prick - Ember Cole - Book Review - Kiss Like a Girl
In Private Prick we meet Bekka and Adam while they’re stuck in an elevator. It seems a broken down elevator is the perfect place to let go of you inhibitions. PRIVATE PRICK Ember Cole Publication Date: July 9, 2018 Genre: Romance Source: NetGalley Publisher: Entangled: One Handed Reads Purchase: Amazon Length: 174 pages Story Rating: 4/5 Romance Rating: 5/5 Description: I was only supposed to be a distraction… When I get the call that a tenant is trapped in the building’s decrepit elevator, I climb down the shaft, drop in through the ceiling…and come face to face with Bekka Zoler, the sexy little redhead who’s starred in more than one of my fantasies. And she’s pissed. Turns out her boyfriend failed to mention he had a fiancée, and now she’s feeling all sorts of vulnerable…and claustrophobic. I have to do something to distract her while we wait for the repairman to get her out of this metal box. So I kiss her. It’s either the best or worst idea I’ve ever had, because next thing I know, I have her pinned to the wall and I’m doing wicked things to her body. Bekka’s not even remotely ready for a relationship, and I can’t blame her. Problem is, the chemistry is insane between us, and I know she feels it, too. It’s time to convince the gorgeous spitfire that I’m the man for her, and this thing between us will last longer than one night. PRIVATE PRICK is a hot as hell standalone M/F romance with a very…dynamic, dirty-talking hero. As with all my books, there is no cheating, and a HEA is guaranteed! Review: Some of you might remember a while ago when I wrote about the bookish places I would like to get naughty. I was only able to come up with 9. Thanks to this book, I’ll be able to edit my post and now have a nice round 10. I can’t wait to tell you more about this. But I’m going to start from the beginning. Don’t worry though the book is short and the review will be as well. At the beginning of the book, we meet Bekka. a young lady who just found out her boyfriend is actually engaged to someone else. Don’t you hate when that happens? I know I do! She’s taking the elevator up to her apartment when it stops and she realizes she’s stuck. Obviously being stuck in an elevator is a great time to think about things, maybe even express all the things you didn’t get a chance to tell your scumbag ex-boyfriend. “Fuck you and your stupid tiny penis. Fuck you and your ‘you came, right?’ after thirty fucking seconds when, no, dumbshit, of course, I didn’t come. Are you kidding me?” That’s when I knew Bekka and I needed to be BFF’s – I’m pretty sure I’ve yelled those exact words… Anyway, she’s yelling all this in the broken elevator when Adam literally drops in to save the day. By save the day, I mean give her lots of orgasms. Which is precisely why I’ve just added the elevator to the list of bookish places I want to do naughty things. Private Prick was a very short book. It only took a couple hours to read. It was steamy as heck, you may want to have a fire extinguisher nearby in case your kindle explodes. We got to know Bekka pretty well, but I feel like I barely got to know Adam – aside from his incredible sexy-time skills. Which was fine, I’m adult enough to admit it, I didn’t pick this book up looking for well-developed characters. Anyway, this book deserves at least 5 stars because it is responsible for the sexiest bookish line I’ve ever heard, “I’m spread for him like a dirty book, and he’s primed to lick every word off the page.” My hubby doesn’t really enjoy reading, so it took him a few minutes to get what I was saying. But I’m sure it could be turned into a great pick up line for the right person… Happy reading and don’t forget to thank me in the morning! Up Next on my Kindle Related