Operational Wish List! - KINDAH FOUNDATION, INC.
Our Wish List! 2 Ipads (new or used) Software: Adobe Photoshop Office Supplies: Printing Paper, HP 128 Toners, White Cardstock, Arts n Craft Supplies: Markers, Construction Paper, Glue Sticks, Scissors, Pen, Pencils, Yarn Laser Printer Printing Services (Curriculum & Handbook) T-Shirts (shirts & printing) Plaques/Awards for Deserving Leaders Silhouette Cameo Machine Presentation Binder Legal Representation (Copyright/Trademark) Paper shredder (Receive) We are truly grateful for those who have donated their time, money, products and inspiration; to make our mission possible. We thank you for your support, and look forward to a great partnership. In-Kind Donation Form and Instructions To access the fillable versions of our forms, please click the link below for the form you would like to use, choose to download the form using the browser menu buttons, and then choose “Open with Adobe Acrobat” and click OK. You may need to save the document as a .pdf to your desktop and then open the document from your desktop. If you wish to be a funding partner, please complete the In-Kind Donation Form below. In Kind refers to donations of goods instead of cash. Please note, according to IRS regulations, establishing a dollar value on donated items is the exclusive responsibility of the donor. Donated services are not tax deductible.