Taste of Romance: 16 short romance stories (MRWG anthologies Book 2) by Andra Ashe, Cassandra O'Leary, Charmaine Ross, Dora Bramden, Fiona Miers, Kim Cleary, Lauren James, Michelle Somers, Samara Parish
Firefighter Ryan Harper is a dark chocolate-coated orange cream. His rich, bitter shell hides a sweet and sumptuous centre that satisfies long after the final bite. Detective Colt Callaghan is chilli-cherry swirl in decadent milk chocolate. He hides behind a gruff exterior, but underneath he’s sexy and sweet, with a shock of spice when you least expect it. Space Engineer Simon Dubois is a handmade truffle. Decadent and Indulgent. Dark chocolate caressing a ganache infused with earthy, sensuous Armagnac, and sweet succulent smoked pimento. A fusion of flavor, a frission of pleasure.