KidCheck is a Leader in Child Safety - See Why! -
In addition to amazing, super secure children’s check-in, featuring the latest technology; KidCheck is the child safety expert. They have tons of great information, tips, and best practices to share – all for free. KidCheck believes every child deserves a chance to grow up in a safe environment, and every parent deserves peace-of-mind about the safety of their children. The first step in reaching a parent is by protecting their children. KidCheck continually provides key safety information to help you keep kids safe! Here are some great ways KidCheck shares: Free Downloads Great safety resources to download for free. Improving Child Safety Video Series and PDF Guide Actionable, best practices to help create a safe environment Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In eBook Learn more about how technology can help improve your ministry Emergency Instructions Flip Book Be Prepared with step-by-step instructions for various emergency situations Blog Articles Kidcheck has articles across a series of topics on their blog about child safety including policies, volunteers, allergies, medical, evacuation, predators, screening process and more. Many of these are available in the Kidology zones as well. Some articles include: Candidate/Volunteer Screening Series Child Protection Policy Series First Aid Kits Top Safety Tips/Approach Gaining Leadership Support… Continue reading