FALL Checklist Time for Your Kidmin! -
Let’s work together! While you may still have some summer events… soon the kids will be back in school, you’ll be raking leaves, and your annual ministry programs will be in full swing. NOW is the time to get a jump on the fall and head off some mini-emergencies. Soon you’ll have all the usual Sunday morning crises you had last fall: New teachers wondering where things are Regular teachers asking where stuff is Supplies running out Equipment malfunctioning A backlog of applications and background checks New obligations someone assumed you knew about! Fill in the blank: _____________________ Take some time this week to make yourself a FALL CHECKLIST. I can’t write your checklist because every ministry is different – but I can give you some suggestions based on what I’m thinking about for my own list. Use an afternoon, a lunch hour, or a quiet evening to think ahead. (Don’t just say, ‘That’s a good idea.’ DO IT!) In the classic Children’s Ministry Handbook, The Art of War, Kidmin Guru Sun Tzu writes, “Every battle is won before it’s ever fought.” Which simply means, preparation is everything. He also writes, “The children’s pastor who wins makes many calculations in… Continue reading