Making Your Communication Personal and FUN with Bitmoji! -
To capture people’s attention today, your messages need to stand out! Let’s face it, e-mail and text communication is a daily part of every leader’s day. But the people we are communicating with are inundated with messages from all areas of their lives. How do you make yours stand out? How can you bring a smile to people’s faces? I use a FREE app called Bitmoji, specifically, the iOS keyboard. You can search by key word of just scroll through LOTS of options then copy/paste or download to your device. Getting Started is easy (and free) 1) You download the app and set up an account. 2) You go through the steps of creating your character! 3) You can change outfits as often as you want! 4) You look for the ones you want to use and then HAVE FUN! Since it is a phone app, I search on my phone, and when you select one, it copies to your clipboard. I will then text it to myself and on my computer, download it from Messages to my desktop, and then I file them all in a folder. If the app ever goes away, I’ve got hundreds to use for… Continue reading