I Was a Kid with Special Needs -
When I meet a second grader, I always joke, “I spent two of the happiest years of my life in the second grade.” While most chuckle at the joke – I did repeat second grade, but they weren’t the happiest years of my life. I was a child with a special need that wasn’t discovered until second grade. Being deaf in one ear, I was often scolded for not listening, not paying attention and even cheating when I was looking at a friend’s paper to see what we were supposed to do. Once my handicap was discovered, life improved dramatically! I was moved to the front of the class and I repeated second grade to catch up academically and to focus on my communication skills. Once my needs were addressed, I went from feeling unloved and picked on to accepted and cared for. The difference in my self-esteem was profound. You have children with special needs in your midst. Some are obvious. But there are many that have hidden or undiscovered needs. Parents may be unaware or unwilling to address special needs. So how can you make sure that every child in your ministry feels welcome, loved and understood? Create… Continue reading