Meeting a Miracle -
Last year at Yosemite Summit, I lost my journal. On the very last day as we were doing a final group photo I had set it down on the ground while working with the camera on a tripod. Then a nice stranger offered to take the picture for us, so I ran to get in the picture. Afterward, he walked toward us to return the camera and I forgot I had set down on my journal. I have written in this journal for the past 10 years on every visit to Yosemite, so you can imagine there is a lot of sentimental value in that one book. I did not notice it missing until it was too late. I registered it missing with the park’s lost and found service, which usually only makes you feel better, but rarely brings results. I prayed for a miracle. My Miracle came in a man named John, who found my journal. He called the phone number inside, but because I completely unplugged for the entire week, my voicemail was full. He resorted to email. We did not connect until after I was back home in Colorado. KHe kndly mailed me the journal, and said… Continue reading