Are You a VIP? Very Intentional Parent? -
This is a recruiting e-mail I wrote for the parents of my church. I made it more generic for posting here – obviously it had more specific info about our ministry needs, but posting here for others to use/edit/modify. If used, credit can simply be Karl Bastian/ Are You a V.I.P.? Children’s Ministry is serious business. Don’t let the fun and games you see at church fool you – we are doing a serious job. It’s no secret our culture is attacking our kids. Sin is being normalized – even celebrated while morality is mocked. Let me be blunt. This is spiritual warfare. Yes, we strive to make church fun – because we want kids to learn in an age-appropriate environment and enjoy learning about God and His Word. We want church to be a Christ-centered oasis in a world that has not only rejected Christ, but is out to eliminate His influence on our children. Here is the hard reality: We get only an hour or two a week at church to combat the barrage of ungodly messages kids are being exposed to every week. That’s why we need VIPs – Very Intentional Parents – whose eyes are wide… Continue reading