Movie Review: Where Hope Grows - in theaters May 15th -
I’ve had the privilege of meeting and hanging out with David Desanctis several times this year. He is quite the character and a lot of fun! Plus, he is a movie star! I had him auto-graph one of the movie posters for me for his first major motion picture Where Hope Grows coming out in theaters May 15th. We even had fun trying to re-create the poster: David pulled some strings for me, and I got to see a pre-release copy of the film. The entire family say down and enjoyed our “sneak peek.” I highly recommend this film for adults. It is about the journey of an alcoholic to find healing through a unique God-ordained friendship. But need to caution up front that it is NOT for children. One of the very first conversations is between the single father and his daughter about sex and there is, of course, heavy drinking, plus adultery, and some violence including an attempted rape scene (with little consequence to the boys doing the attack). So we had to at times distract my son and ultimately, remove him from the room. But with that said – there is much to enjoy for adults. It… Continue reading