Why Minister to Children? -
When I was a pastor, I had the opportunity (and privilege) once in a while to preach in “Big Church,” and I always enjoyed it very much. With a degree in Bible theology and a love for the Word of God, it was always fun to get to communicate with and challenge adults in ways that I couldn’t in children’s church. Afterward, it was customary for the preacher to stand at the back and greet people as they left, and in the course of doing so, people were kind to express thoughts on the message and often compliments, which was always nice. Who doesn’t enjoy a “good sermon,” or “great job?” – even when the goal wasn’t to impress folks with my delivery but to challenge and change lives. But compliments should always be received with a thankful heart and with grace and humility. The compliment that always got me though, was when people (meaning well) said, “You know, you should consider becoming a real pastor someday…you know, to adults. You’re good.” The intention was an extra big compliment, but the message was clear. My talents were being wasted down there in the boiler room preachin’ at the kids week… Continue reading