Have You Made a Huge Mess Lately? -
At middle school tonight, Pastor Michael, our middle school pastor made a HUGE MESS at church! In case you are wondering… those are feathers! Hundreds… no. Make that, thousands of feathers! HOW did these feathers get everywhere, you ask? WATCH THIS VIDEO TO FIND OUT: As you heard in the video, the lesson was on Gossip, and Pastor Michael told an old story about a student of a rabbi who was confronted about gossiping about the teacher and he broke open a pillow and asked the student to collect all the feathers. When the student said the request was impossible, the teacher replied that is what gossip is like. You can apologize and be forgiven, but the consequences still blow around and can’t be recovered. That “spreading of the gossip” was certainly true with the feathers as they spread all over the church building! The kids tracked the mess all the way out to the lobby! LOL Oh, the stories I could add of lessons I’ve done that made huge messes, but I’ll save those for another time. What a GREAT WAY to make lesson’s memorable for kids! These students will long remember that when you gossip, you make a… Continue reading