When Mommy's Away the Boys Will Play -
Mommy is off on a women’s retreat, so daddy and boy can either stay home and watch TV and eat whatever food we can find, or…. head out on an ADVENTURE. We chose the latter, and headed out to Castlewood Canyon State Park! We had a great time, and without mommy, of course, we were free to roam “off the trail” a little more than usual. (hehe) And boy oh boy does this boy love to climb! Of course, I have a knack for taking pictures that look a lot higher than they really are! Both of these above, Luke is about five feet off the ground. (LOL) I would never let Luke climb up anywhere high! I get such a kick out of him stopping every now, turning around and saying, “Take my picture daddy!” I can’t imagine where he got that! At one point, Luke decided to show me how strong he was! I was pretty impressed! He was going to roll it all the way the down the hill, but I made him put the rock back where he found it. But what is a hike without bringing some cars to play with? Hiking with Luke is… Continue reading