Get a Grip! Get STABLicers -
Got lots of snow and ice? I know JUST what you need! Spikes! Last year I tweeted that I was heading to Yosemite for a solo snowshoeing trip and @32NorthSTABIL tweeted me and recommended that I get a pair of their STABLicers for my trip. Well, I replied that I’d take a free pair and try ’em out! Next thing I knew, these arrived in the mail: So I took them to Yosemite in the middle of winter: It was a great trip! In fact, I snow shoed and hiked around quite bit taking all these amazing pictures: But whenever I didn’t have my snowshoes on – I had to walk on ice and slippery roads, and MAN did I like having THESE one: They gave me a firm grip even if they did make me sound like a rusty tap dancer everywhere I went! I highly recommend them to anyone who plans to be walkin’ around on ice or snow! They go on quickly and pack small, so I was able to keep them in my pocket and have them handy. It’s dangerous to be walking around on ice – one fall can pretty much ruin your trip! I… Continue reading