The Email That Made My Year -
I’m in the midst of a REALLY busy week. I don’t have time to blog. I have several deadlines looming, I’m behind on other projects, several events this week to pull me away and put me further behind, and I’m trying to get both caught up and ahead before the holidays arrive so I can be relaxed on focused on family. I’m trying to juggle it all and the last thing need is another thing to do… and then THIS e-mail arrives, and suddenly, nothing else matters… it’s like a giant PAUSE button gets hit. I sit back and am reminded once again, that in the flurry of it all, it is worth it. Here is the e-mail I got today via Facebook, that stopped me in the tracks: Hey, I came across your facebook page and decided to send you a message. You probably don’t remember me but I’m now a senior in high school and when I was in 6th grade a friend brought me on the Arctic Blast winter retreat with her. Basically I remember the second night of the retreat you gave an awesome talk and it was there where I learned who God was and … Continue reading