ToyBoxTales has a NEW Site! -
In case you haven’t heard, has been completely redesigned and improved! You can now watch ALL the 101 ToyBox Tales instantly via embedded flash, no more need to download first. And for those who want the downloads for showing at church, they are now all available on one page. Free for members or directly on for a very nominal once-in-a-lifetime fee. So jump over and check out the ALL NEW and enjoy some Bible stories like you’ve never seen them before! Here are some of the most popular videos on the site: The Crossing of the Red Sea This is the one that started it all. Karl did this at camp in 2001 and the following summer the kids were still talking about it and asking him to do more “action figure Bible stories” – discovering that it was a powerful method for teaching, and since he already owned hundreds of action figures, ToyBox Tales was born! Whatcha Got Cooking This is the #1 downloaded/viewed video on the site. It is also the only one where Karl had to pull the video feed at the end because a hampster was stuck in the oven! Beauty and… Continue reading