CPC: Putting Faces with E-mails -
While the ministry of enables me to make many new friends from all over the world, often these are friends that I know primary through e-mail or a forum ID. CPC is a great place to get to put names with faces and meet people who are fans of the site. Judy and Kenneth Davis of big Kidology fans who were eager to come get their free button. I’ll be seeing them again in April when I speak at the Huddle in Roanoke, VA. I first met Kris Smoll from Appleton Alliance Church in Wisconsin when we were fellow Moody students, but we didn’t cross paths again until she had me come speak at her church for their children’s ministry conference a few years ago. The following year, at CPC San Diego, she was asking me for recommendations for other childen’s ministry speakers and Kid U Appleton was born where we have done three Kidology Universities. Things just happen at CPC! It was at a CPC nearly ten years ago when I met Steve Fortner of Parent Seeker on a shuttle to pick up a rental car and we discovered we were both heading to CPC! We kept in… Continue reading