Fall Colors -
One of mommy’s ways to have fun is to dress up her husband and little boy in matching outfits. (And only true love would put up with the snickers and smiles I get from all the passer-byers who see me and Luke on these matching days!) But on this day, he looks so adorable, I decided to risk e-snickers or iSmiles by actually posting some pictures of Lukie and Me playing “matchy-matchy” (as we call it) here in Williamsburg, VA. Of all the things I have done or acquired or accomplished in life, nothing has come close to the joy and deep satisfaction of being a father to this little boy. When I walk around with Luke holding my hand, when he curls up in a ball in my lap to sleep, when he runs over to give me a hug and kiss out of the blue, when I pick him up and he rests his head on my shoulder, when he is scared and clings to my leg, when he smiles at me from across the room, when he squeals with delight when I come home, when he brings me a toy and holds it up asking me to… Continue reading