What's Your Puppet Team's Name? -
I visited I-Fest last week for a couple of days and had a lot of fun. (so did my car) I already posted my first impressions, so today I wanted to post some of the pictures of the different puppet teams, as well as a flash video of one of the interviews I did while I was there! It was so cool to see these groups of young people having a great time at an event that is training them for ministry! These guys are obviously having fun! And how can you miss this group? Even in a classroom they stand out! Here is the back of their shirts with their name. So many of them had a biblical source for their name too. This dude is just too cool! And has “glory fingers” And the HUG Puppets stand for: I’ve heard of teams called “Uplifted Hands” and saw one that said “Talk to the Hand” These shirts aren’t from a team, they were for sale, and I was going to buy one and forgot! DOH! What would name a puppet team? Does your team have a name? Leave a comment here, or if you are a Kidology member, comment… Continue reading