Live from iFest 2007 -
As I write this I am at One Way Street‘s iFest Conference. (International Festival of Puppetry & Ventriloquism) I’m here for just two days of the week long conference to report on this event for Kidology. I will be publishing a full report on soon in the Kidology Reports Zone, but here are a few teaser pictures and an EXCITING VIDEO at the end! iFest is a great place to meet other people who love puppets! And BUY cool new puppets! (I will be posting my favorites!) And bring your puppet team (these teens are from Texas!) And eat great food! (Chicken Sandwhich and fries, TWO pieces of pizza and TWO cups of Dew…. Oh Yeah, I love this conference!) The highlight of the evening was getting to see the Black Light Competition in the evening. (There will be highlights via video in the Kidology Report on iFest) But then I got a big surprise! I was invited to compete in the Sport Stacking competition in the dark by Norm Hewitt, and won the first stack meet with four contestants, and then later, there was a second “semi-final” with four more, who all turned out to be kids.… Continue reading