My Stupid Coke Reward -
I usually consider myself immune from the power of advertising – enjoy the ad – but don’t buy because of an ad. However, I have found the My Coke Rewards commercials fun and entertaining, so when I found a coke cap on the kitchen counter (most likely from Sara or a guest since I’m a Dew Man), I thought I’d give it a shot and see if that cap could indeed bring me a vacation or car or some fancy technological gadget I don’t already have… So I went to the website and set up an account. I even made a bogus alias email so I can prevent spam and delete if they abuse the email address. (most likely!) I sign up, and guess what – it says I won the SOUNDTRACK TO PIRATES: AT WORLD’S END! I’m thinking WOW, I won with my first soda cap – maybe I will actually buy a Coke sometime. (not sure I ever have, other than at McD’s where you have no choice, I even tend to not eat where Coke is the only choice, I know, hard to do!) On my way to World’s End Now, if you read my review… Continue reading