Easter Bunny Secret Identity Revealed! -
Sara, Luke, and Karl – Easter 2007 Easter 2006 was a day that was very significant in our little family. While we took Luke into our home on April 1st last year, it was on Easter Sunday one year ago that we met with the birth mother and she made her final decision to give him to us. And then the legal adoption process began. Since that process ended in December, we’ve been enjoying our life as a little family at the beginning of this Adventure called Parenting! See how he has grown! Here is last Easter: Karl, Luke, and Sara – Easter 2006 Now he is a cool little dude who can crawl, climb stairs, and stuff Cherioes down the heating vents! Ready for Church on Easter Sunday! A man comfortable in front of a camera! And then the Easter Bunny arrived! Oh, how embarrassing, er, I mean, exciting! Yes, that is me, dressed as the Easter Bunny. (blush) But in my defense, it was not my idea! My older sister handed me the costume just minutes before the family Easter Egg Hunt and says, “put it on” and what’s a dad to do? Let pride get in the… Continue reading