No Need to Dream, White Christmas is Here! -
I’m not dreaming of a White Christmas, because a White Christmas is HERE! Officially named the “Holiday Blizzard of ’06” by the news media, snow has arrived here in Colorado. (And I hear it is raining in Chicago, my poor friends and family) So I decided to go for a nice snowy walk this morning… These people are in for a surprise when they come out their front door or try to pull out of the garage!The snow is pretty deep in some places, even an SUV would risk getting stuck! I even spotted some wild life! and dared to approach! The wolf with its prey, a flattened basketball! He looked hungry, so I slowly moved on. Here are my feet in the snow, almost up to my knees! The holes my feet left to see how deep it is! Hard to tell? I tossed my gloves down the holes to show the depth of the snow. Having fun with colors, reminds me of the song, “I’ll have a blue Christmas….” Just another picture from my walk. MERRY CHRISTMAS! from Karl, Sara and Luke Continue reading