Revenge of the Birthday Party! -
Today, cleverly disguised as P4-K4 (An Empirial Bounty Droid), my twin brother arrived on the scene of a rebel birthday party of a princess named Olivia. Forget the protocol and ettiquette – this droid ain’t one to mess with! Trained in the ways of the Force, this mild mannered droid packs a powerful (and wet) punch! After pledging his allegiance to Darth Vader (who, as you can see by the t-shirt, still loves his mom), to infiltrate and destroy this rebel outpost, he went on to Saber training. Jedi Master Nakooki trained all those in attendance in the finer arts of light saber battling. So far his plan to infiltrate these rebel scum was going along fine… They practiced their new skills sparring with each other… Each Jedi-wanna-be honing his (or her) skills so that they would be prepared to fight the enemy… little did they know, the enemy was already in their midst! Then it happened! One of the padawan learners, sensing a disturbance in the Force, struck out at the infiltrater while he was trying to refresh himself with a glass of water… His response gave him away and so he lept down from the patio and it … Continue reading