Are Storm/Clone Troopers Good or Evil? -
I got an e-mail today from a boy named Josh, who asked me: Karl, were storm or clone troopers ever good ? I think they were good in the second movie but my dad says they were always evil. From Josh It’s a great question! Sorry, Josh, but your dad, (who will remain safely annonymous on Alderann), is wrong. In fact, it is such a good question, I decided to post my answer here: Josh, When I met George Lucas at the Star Wars Convention, a kid actually asked him whether the storm trooper are good guys or bad guys. His answer was, “They are good guys who follow orders from a really bad guy.” That is the shortest answer, but rather simplistic, but good enough for the little kid who asked. But there is more to that question, and unfortunately, George Lucas is still confused on what he believes about right and wrong. But there is more to the question that I’ll attempt to answer here. (non-Star Wars fans can stop reading here) Here is my a-little-bit-longer answer: It is important to know that there are two types of troopers. (very different and the difference is significant!) The first… Continue reading