A Monster Truck... for REAL! -
Star Wars met Earth on my drive to work yesterday! There I was, drivin’ along in the PK Cruiser, listening’ to talk radio mindin’ my own bizness, when suddenly I see in my rear view mirror great clouds of smoke and explosions and cars careening off of the road… what could be causing all the choas behind me?!?!? It is an alien attack? Will I need a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?!?!? I whipped out my camera to record what could very well be the end of the earth as we know it… What is that THING?!?! (note camera in shades) With cars flying off the road in every direction, I knew this would be on the evening news, this was my chance of a lifetime to get some rare photos of an alien attack on our planet! Would I survive to tell the tale?!??!! I hit the PK-Nitro-Turbo-Booster, but it was no use this monstrosity of a truck was gaining on me every second! What would I do? Would this be the end??? Surely the Galactic Empire is conquering Earth! Look at the SIZE of those PINCHERS!!! As it got next to me, I prepared to fire my fender-anchored… Continue reading