Karl's Oregon Coast Wallpapers -
Yes, we bought matching shirts. Yesterday we started our journey down the Oregon Coast. In one word? Breathtakinglyamazinglybeautifullyspectacular. The Oregon Coast FAR EXCEEDED my expectations, and they were pretty high already. It has proved to be even more spectacular than I had even hoped. Colorado? You may need to step aside – you’ve got the mountains, but not the rivers, ocean, lakes, and lush greenery. I still claim Colorado as my favorite state, but is more due to my personal roots there… It is getting harder to say it is the most beautiful state in the Union. The first day we traveled from Portland, North to the Coast, and then started straight down. We ended in Newport for the evening with dinner with our friends, the Helts, who I met through Kidology. Pam Helt has co-authored a few of my Kid’s Church units with me. We had lunch this morning at Coca Mocha Joe’s before heading on our way again. We also visited their church, but more info and pics on that later. I can’t get over the amazing displays of God’s Creation here! It just never ends, for hours on end. No photos can capture it, but I tried.… Continue reading