Networking at CPC.... -
The best part about CPC is meeting ‘fans’ of Kidology and meeting new people that either I’ve only known through the site, or that know about Kidology but I’ve never met yet. This is Shelly. I met Shelly last year at CPC when a pillar of balloons was slowly chacing her across the room, it was nuts. (it was mysterious, we actually thought there was a person inside the pillar of balloons, but it was something to do with the air conditioning vents.) Anyway, she is excited about a brand new position as children’s pastor. :) This is Jamie, our CPC Contest winner! She came to CPC all the way from Canada! This is ‘balloonpastor’ Dave, a Kidology member who’s become a good friend, even sending me some cool spider man silly string shooters last year that were a blast with my kids. This is Roger. A Kidology member it was fun to meet. Larry is a children’s pastor who used to be in chicago but moved to Florida this year – nice tan, eh. It was really fun meeting these friends from ‘down under’ / Australia. They invited me to come speak there in August 2006 and I told… Continue reading