Project: Hat of the Month | Kevin James Hunt
So I have an EPIC collection of ridiculous hats in my closet that I've accumulated over the years. And sadly, most of then never get worn (although to be honest, some should never see the light of day again). So this year I decided to bust out the best of them and wear a different hat every month - and of course take a terribly shameless selfie for each! January January hat of the month: my Doctor Who TARDIS toque, complete with 4th Doctor scarf February To be honest, I'm not even sure if this even IS a hat. It has a weird hole in the top that I feel could be be used for a number of things (like pretending to be a ninja or an old Russian lady). I just use it to allow my awesome hair to flow unrestricted. This is probably the least ridiculous of my hats, but it's functional and surprisingly warm so it made the most sense for Feb. March March. (Get it? March... Marching... Yeah you get it). This actually might be the oldest of all the ridiculous hats in my collection. If memory serves