How To Build A Ball Pit - ON YOUR BALCONY | Kevin James Hunt
A lot of people have asked me "Why would you, as an adult, want to own a ball pit?" And the answer every time is "because of this xkcd comic." There's something about a ball pit that just screams PURE FUN. You cant sit in a ball pit and not smile. It's like you turn to jello and float on plastic bubbles of multi-colored joy. I have spent a large portion of my summer in my balcony ball pit, and I could go on about stress-relieving effects, or about "deciding what 'being an adult' means in the 21st century", or even about how this is probably something you dreamed about as a child/teenager/college student, but really, it's a ball pit on a balcony. How does that NOT sound awesome? What You'll Need Play pen balls (approx. $0.20/ball) Wood (varies depending on size) Foam padding ($20/pack) Screening ($10/roll) Glue ($3-5) Hammer ($10) Nails ($5) Staple Gun ($20) Staples ($3) L-brackets ($10) tarp (if outdoors, $10) Child's basketball net ($5) Inflatable shark ($2) Step 1 Decide On