About Me -
Hey there! I’m Kelley Greene. There was a dessert in this picture, but I’ve cropped it out. Partially because…my hair is in the plate. Whoops. I’ve lived in Chicago for a little over 6 years, but grew up in Southeast Texas. I’d like to think I’m used to the winters now…mostly. By day, I do technical support for a well known tech company, and in my free time I’m finishing up my first novel, blogging, and writing TV pilots, movies, and a little sketch comedy now and then. I’m obsessed with good TV, books and movies, as well as bargain shopping!I am admittedly a total geek who loves Star Trek and Wars, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and everything in between. I love all things 60s. Mod Queen, at your service. I also love basically all forms of social media. Really, it’s just the internet. I love the internet. I’d marry it, if I wasn’t engaged to this guy. Damon’s not sick of me after almost 9 years, so he decided to keep me around for a while longer. Let’s chill on social media and talk about cool stuff, mkay?