Indaba coffee shop. Spokane.
Being new to the area, my favorite thing to do when i have some free time is to just wander around the streets of place i live close to in search of interesting local spots. And today i decided to tell you about one. For you coffee lovers! :) Indaba Coffee started as a small neighborhood coffee bar in Spokane, WA in 2009. It has turned over the years into a multi-roaster bar. In 2014, they began roasting all their own beans and have helped pioneer coffee culture throughout the Inland Northwest. This summer, they opened their new location downtown Spokane. The owner of the place Bobby Enslow says, that they wanted to create a space that is different from anything else in Spokane. Clean lines balanced with textures throughout the space centered on a beautiful island referred to as the “coffee altar” help to create a very social experience for guests. So if you are ever visiting the city, make sure to check this great place and fun people who work there! I hope you'll enjoy the pictures!